Rohrau Castle

Through the ages

Rohrau Castle

The history of Rohrau Castle

The castle, which has grown over the centuries, has experienced a lot and is full of stories that want to be told. Turks and Kurucs besieged it, great master builders and craftsmen left their mark.

The beginnings of the “Veste Rorrow”, built from Roman Stones and first mentioned in 1240, are uncertain. What is certain is that the Rohrau estate came into the possession of the Harrach family in 1524, who built a Renaissance moated castle there. Since that time, the history of the Harrach family has been closely linked to the history of Rohrau. The Counts of Harrach zu Rohrau were among the most important families of the Habsburg monarchy. As friends and advisers of the imperial family, as influential diplomats and princes of the church, one as viceroy of Naples, they helped shape the politics of the law.

At the end of the 18th Century , after various phases of reconstruction, the castle received its current, late Baroque appearance.

The Renaissance moated castle in Rohrau, after an engraving by G.M.Vischer

Towards the end of the Second World War, the castle was overrun, occupied and devastated by the Red Army. After the end of the war it served on the one hand as accommodation for the many refugees, on the other hand the building and the park put to agricultural use.

In 1966, the plan was made to save the palace from final decay with a generous, general renovation and revitalization and to move the Graf Harrach family collection from the Palais Harrach in Vienna to Rohrau.

Through the determination of Countess Stephanie Harrach  (1917-2011)  this courageous plan was realized

From the family archive

Through the ages

Today’s life in the Castle Rohrau

Rohrau Castle in the here and now

In the tradition of our great ancestors, we try to preserve this venerable and magnificent house and fill it with life! Schloss Rohrau is not just a museum, but the center of or lives, a home for its residents, a place of culture, music and celebrating together. Nestled between the rich nature of the Leitha Auen and the fertile fields that form our livelihood

Married couple Waldburg-Zeil

Ursula & Johannes

Gräfin Ursula Waldburg-Zeil

Countess Ursula on patrol

Ursula Waldburg-Zeil and one of the dogs

Count Johannes in the field

With both feet on the ground

We look forward to welcoming you to Rohrau Castle!

Ursula & Johannes Waldburg-Zeil